Saans Ke Sikke is a collection of 101 Trivenis by Tripurari. These Trivenis have various well-illustrated thoughts. For example- colors of love, the importance of human relationships in present times, vitality of parent’s love in life, sense of hope in the moments of dejection, the desire to live amidst hardships, and so on. According to Tripurari, the art of realization that tears and happiness are two sides of a coin is the only key to remain contended while suffering.

Triveni is a form of Urdu-Hindi poetry, which conveys a thought in three lines. The thought is complete in itself in first two lines like a couplet (sher) of Urdu ghazal and third line is an extension or a comment on that particular thought. So far, Meter (Behr) of Urdu Ghazal has been used for Triveni. This form was coined by famous poet and film lyricist Gulzar.